March 1, 2012

Links I liked

It's actually been a productive week for me, which means less blogging. But here's my favorite science links of the week:

A spotlight on Innovation and Bell Labs over at NYTimes, and a solid exposition on basic research by Michael Burnam-Fink.

Roger Pielke Jr. wants your input on a possible second edition of The Honest Broker.

Via NPR, Judge Dismisses Organic Farmers' Case Against Monsanto. Can organics and GMOs operate in separate paradigms of food production? According to Monsanto, "This decision is a win for all farmers as it underscores that agricultural practices such as ag biotechnology, organic and conventional systems do and will continue to effectively coexist in the agricultural marketplace."

In their continuing Feed 9 Billion series, Marketplace brings us The future of food in a warming world, and a story of low-tech agricultural adaptations in Bangladesh.

What does "natural" mean on food labels? Not much, actually.

Jack Stilgoe's reaction to anti-anti-science (or pro-science, anti-denialist) rhetoric at the recent AAAS conference.

Nick Offerman et al. brilliantly parody the all-male birth control panel.
And finally, the cutest photo of the week.

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